Can't make a regular scheduled class?

Schedule Your Own Class To Fit Your Needs!


  • Private Classes can be arranged to fit your schedule and "ours"!
  • One on one 3 day class price is $795.00 for a single student.
  • Better deal ... get one friend to join with you and get $200 each off ... two on one class $595 ea.
  • Best deal get three or more friends and class is $495 ea.
  • Three (3) days designed to work with your schedule & ours.
  • They can be scheduled any 3 days in a row, or even 3 - Mondays or Tuesdays, Fridays etc. to accommodate your working schedule.
  • Remote 3 day guide classes at your lodge or location is also available, minimum 4 students at $495 each, I will need a large room, seating for students, Tables or desks for map work, in addition, I will need lodging and lunch & dinner for my remote services.

Contact Steve if interested in this to set up dates that work for Steve and you!  By email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After we have agreed on your 3 day Private class dates , Steve will provide a deposit payment link for non-refundable deposits to be made.