2 Day Basic to Advanced Map-Compass-GPS 

For all Outdoor Recreation sports/hunting/hiking/& more

Day one class itinerary:
This class will take you from north/south/east/west to the basics with a compass and how to use it to navigate outdoors from any location to a final destination point (basic orienteering) and in the classroom using a compass with a topographic map to plot your travels before going on your excursion through the woods, and to learn how to read a USGS topo map and it's symbols, learn water flow directions on a map, elevation and navigation using a map.

Day two class itinerary:
This class begins where day one leaves off, but we add navigation with a GPS, Using a Maine gazetteer and your compass, you will learn how to read and use the Maine gazetteer, locate points using GPS Latitude and Longitude coordinates on a map, find GPS coordinates using phones, GPS and your Maine gazetteer. We will show you how to bookmark a location on your GPS and then we will show you how to return to that bookmarked location, using just your GPS.

Class requirements:
A GPS or A Smart Phone is required for this class.
A Compass is not necessary, we supply compasses for your use in class or your can bring your own.
A Maine 2019-2022 edition Delorme/Garmin Gazetteer "is required" for day two of class.


This class requires going outdoors for training sessions, proper outdoor shoes and weather/rain gear required.

Class hours, 8:00 AM to 4 PM with a lunch break around noon.

We can arrange a class date for 1 person to a maximum of six people as a group.

1 on 1 private class $350

2 Person private class $300 each

3-6 people private $250 each.

Our Pre- Scheduled group classes $250 each

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2 Day Advanced Map-Compass-GPS Course

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