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I attended Attic Lodge's Outdoor Learning center for a three-day guides school in August of 2022. Steve Beckwith did an excellent job instructing the class on information and requirements necessary to be successful on the Maine Registered Guide Exam. This course was very through, well laid out, and professional in nature. Information contained in the lectures, and hands-on exercises greatly benefited me in the 2022 hunting season. Lessons learned helped develop me into a better woodsman.  The supplemental handbook provided in the course was critical for studying for the test. I was not able to attend a test eight months after the course I attended. Steve Beckwith went out of his way to update me on the GPS section required for 2023 exams. I did not have this section in my course, but the information he provided me ensured I was prepared. Material from the course was essential for passing the exam. I would not have been capable of passing the exam without first taking this course. Simply studying the hunting regulations, relying on tribal knowledge, and using common sense would not have enabled me to pass this examination process. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their outdoor knowledge, and/or interested in becoming a Registered Maine Guide. 5-STARS - Robert Romm Currituck, NC



Hello Steve,

Just wanted to commend you on such an outstanding class. Left realizing that the test is so much more involved than I would have ever imagined. As I told you I never had any intention on taking the state exam because I do not feel qualified to too guide anyone. But what I did want was to become more comfortable in the woods. What you taught exceeded my expectations. The lost person/ casualties discussion really opened my eyes to things I would have never thought about. I hope I never need to use any of those skills but I now know how to properly handle those situations if they ever occur. Best map and compass class I have ever had….. thank you ! Your teaching style is great. You never rushed us and were right there to help us along. I cannot thank you enough. Feel free to give my contact info to anyone who wants a reference, particularly someone whom just wants to learn skills to be comfortable in the woods.

Once again my friend thank you and nothing but success with your business endeavors.

        Best regards, Steve Y.


Hi Steve,

Just got home from taking my fishing guide test. Thanks to you and everything taught in your class I passed.  You had me very prepared. Your class gave me a lot of knowledge and I feel that I developed a lot of personal growth from that knowledge. I highly recommend that everyone take a class.
Thank you! And Thank you for Everything!
Can’t thank you enough for helping me with the knowledge it took to pass this test!
Hunter S.


My test session was earlier today, I passed on my first try and I’m now a Registered Maine Guide!

Hunter T.





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