Advanced GPS/Map Class:


Learn how to find GPS coordinates on your GPS, and other devices and then transfer them to an actual map to pinpoint your location. Learn how to be able to give your exact GPS location when hiking, hunting, or in a emergency situation to expedite help to your exact location, even without a GPS.  You may not ever need these skills, but if you are lost, injured or need emergency assistance this information could prove crucial, in saving your life or someone else's life!      

Learn how to use GPS Latitude & Longitude coordinates on a (USGS) United States Geological Survey map and on a Delorme Gazetteer to pin point your location using the Lat & Lon coordinate system.

1- We will go over using a Garmin Inreach for SOS and it's features.
2- We will find Lat & Lon coordinates on different electronic devices, phone aps, as well as actual maps in class.
3- We will be using USGS maps and Delorme Gazetteers as well as our class worksheets.

4- We will show you how to create a waypoint on your GPS and then show you how to return to that waypoint. (Outside activity )  

The prerequisite for this class is either our map & compass class or map & compass proficiency obtained elsewhere.

(This is not a beginners map & compass class.)
This class is 8 AM to 4 PM with a lunch break.

What to bring: Pencil and note paper for your notes. Maine Delorme Gazetteer 2019-2022 Edition

We can arrange a class date for 1 person to a maximum of six people as a group.

1 on 1 private class $200

2 Person private class $175 each

3-6 people private $150 each.

Our Pre- Scheduled group classes $150 each

Contact us to schedule your individual or group class at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please let us know which class you are inquiring about when you send us your email.

Advanced GPS/Map Class

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