3 Day Maine Guides Courses

Our class covers Fishing, Hunting, Recreational & Tidewater guide test classifications.

Maine is one the most honored States in the Union for it's elite guides and becoming a Registered Maine Guide is not to be taken lightly. Passing the Maine Guides test is one of the toughest licensing procedures in the U.S. and wearing a Maine Guides patch is one of the most respected symbols in the hunting & fishing industry across the world!  

Classes are $495.00 (But check our specials below!) it requires a "minimum" of $100 non-refundable deposit, any remaining balance is due at class.

First Aid Class is offered Saturday night of class weekend. (see more class info below.)

NEW Class Requirements Effective immediately!

We will be covering this new information starting with our March 17-19th class!

A (2019 or 2022) Delorme Gazetteer edition is required when testing in Augusta (NO previous use markings allowed)

You will be tested on GPS use effective April 2023 as well!

Due to this new change....The following 3 items are required for our classes!

1- A Phone app pre-installed.

Requirements for all future guide classes will be that you have previously download one of these two apps installed on your phone prior to your class. (No GPS used in this class, phone apps only.)

NOTE: If you want use a GPS for this part of your exam and need assistance doing this, you will have to book a one on one GPS class, time does not allow me to teach everyone specific GPS model usage. Sorry.

Download either: 

1- The Garmin App that comes with several of their products, such as an Inreach, Alpha, GPSMap series

products, the App is called Earthmate  or Garmin Explore App

2– This is my preferred app - the Delorme Gazetteer Maps for $19.99?? for use on the Avenza Maps App that can be downloaded from your phone, this is a great lower cost option rather than buying a Garmin product to obtain their product app.

                  You need to Download "Avenza Maps App" from the App store

                   After installed on your phone, Select it and open the app, click the download arrow at the top right of your screen beside the 3 dots. Now select “Get Maps From The Avenza Map Store”   in the search bar  and type the word “Maine” and look for the Bundle called Maine Atlass & Gazetteer 2022 and make the purchase.  There may be a step or two beyond that to get the maps into this app but you will have the complete Gazetteer in your phone.  This app can be used to complete the new GPS portion of the exam.

 2- 2019 or 2022 Gazetteer

3 - Mapping Compass (clear baseplate type Compass)


We have available Mirror Compasses, Basic Mapping Compasses, Compass Protractors, GPS Mapping Rulers, and a few more class related items for student purchase only.


Pre-Scheduled 2023 Class Dates

All Classes $100 Deposit . Final balance due at class.

Cash, Cashiers Check or Postal Money Order may be used at class.

Optional 1st Aid Class held Saturday 4:30-6:30 PM of all scheduled guide classes $65 


 $100 OFF..

We're keeping our prices low a little bit longer...

But ....it won't last! Book now to grab these prices!


March 17-19th

Fully Booked


April 7-9th



Fully Booked


April 21-23rd

Private Class Dean's Den 


May 26-28th

$495.00 $395.00 Special


June 9-11th

$495.00 $395.00 Special


July 21-23rd

$495.00 $395.00 Special


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GIFT CERTIFICATES are available in any amount, contact us by email and we will provide a payment link, or you can mail payment for a gift certificate to Beckwith Associates, PO Box 316, Lebanon, Maine 04027

We do offer special classes, one on one's, one on two, and multiple students for private groups or individuals, on location and off location if you can't make an above scheduled class! Contact us for more details CLICK here!

If a class is full... The Add to Cart Will Be Disabled.

  • When registering for any of our Guide Classes please let us know if you wish to take this additional First Aid class or not so we can plan accordingly for class instructors for this class!  Also let us know if you need to stay in our lodge bunkroom.
  • This class is focused on the Hunting, Fishing, Recreational & Tidewater testing classifications. Our class teaches lost person recovery and emergency preparedness scenario training, Map/Gazetteer & Compass, GPS usage, Maine Hunting Law, basic trapping and plant and animal species identification. After completing this course you will have the tools, knowledge and confidence to prepare for the Maine Registered Guides Examination testing procedure in Augusta, Maine.  We can't hand anyone their license, but we certainly will give your the knowledge and information that a person needs to know to become a Maine Registered Guide.
  • We offer "free" lodging to anyone that is too far to travel to class daily from their home at our new "Lodge bunkroom" !
  • ALL Scheduled Classes run Friday-Sunday 8-4 PM (Unless otherwise noted)
  • All Classes will have a first aid class offered on the Saturday nights of course dates 4:30-7 PM - $65 fee paid at class includes 1st aid book. If you already have a current First aid certificate "this is not a mandatory Maine Guide Class School requirement". This helps expedite getting your first aid class certificate easier and quicker to send in with your state guide exam application as it is required by the State on Maine IFW. 
  • We take Six (6-8) students per class, so make sure to book early to reserve your seat in the class date you prefer.

Classes will be held at the Maine Guide School "Attic" Lodge and Classroom

37 Depot Road, Lebanon, Maine 04027