This class is a class that is designed to introduce the outdoor enthusiast to skills needed to navigate using a map and a compass, using GPS coordinates with a map and how to survive an extended stay in the wilderness unexpectedly.  No one wants to get lost in the wilderness, but knowing how to navigate, cook and what to have with you when venturing out into the wilds of your State could save your life. An in person Basic First Aid Class will be included in this class with a 2 year certification included.  

This class offers a FREE overnight in the comforts of our Attic Lodge bunkroom. (If you live locally, overnight is not a requirement.) 

This two day class and one overnight stay is

  • $795 One on One Class
  • $495 each for 2 or more people
  • $395 each for 3-6 people.

This class can be scheduled to fit your available time slots. Weekdays or Weekends. Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your dates and our availability to accommodate. 

$100 Non-refundable deposit required.  


 Course Schedule

Day (1)  in class 8 AM - 8 PM (Overnight in Lodge) 

Bring lunch for class and something for your dinner as well. (There are local places to buy a lunch & dinner if you prefer.) 

Day (2) Two Classroom and outdoor activities 8-4 PM 

Open fire Lunch will be provided today with your assistance as part of this class.

(Please inform us of any food allergies before arrival.)  

The Attic Lodge has a Full Bathroom with tub and shower (doubles as a changing room.) , an efficiency kitchen with a full size refrigerator, sitting areas for evening, TV, heat & A/C and our seven bed bunkroom equipped with 5 twin beds and 2 queen sized beds.    

Course Includes: 

  • A mandatory First Aid Class will be given. (2 yr. Certificate issued.)
  • Map & Compass Navigation Class 
  • Using a GPS with a Map to find and give your location as Latitude & Longitude coordinates.
  • Basic Wilderness Survival Skills for an unplanned emergency overnight. 
  • Basic Campfire Skills training and cooking over a controlled open fire area.


Things to Bring to Class:

  • Baseplate 360 deg. Azimuth Mapping Compass,
  • GPS or Smartphone,
  • Pencil
  • Rain Coat, outdoor shoes,
  • bug spray or Thermacell as this class has outdoor activities.

You will need personal overnight items and needs, a bed roll (sleeping bag, sheets, blankets etc.)  pillow, and towels for showers.