You need a 2019 or newer Delorme Gazetteer Maine Edition for Guide Class map class with us, You need one for your test exam in Augusta and you will not put any writing in these in class, so you will have a clean one for your exam in Augusta, per their requirements! You can buy them online from either of these links, just make sure you receive it before your class date with us! 

Garmin Delorme 2022 Maine Gazetteer  -  (Plus Shipping)

Garmin Delorme 2022 Maine Gazetteer -  (No shipping if you have an Amazon Prime account) 


  • Guide Class Downloads and Suggested Reading Prior to any Class.

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Maine Guide License Application


  • Highly Suggested Book For Purchase on Amazon

Master Guide Handbook To Outdoor Adventure Trips by Gil Gilpatrick    

  • Suggested Free Reading IFW Publication 

You Alone In The Maine Woods

 We recommend printing out all 5 Maine Current Law Books, you can read these online or on your Smart Phones if you prefer. 

 Maine Law Books and related required study information

Hunting Law Book

Moose Hunting Guide & Laws

Fishing Law Book

Maine Fishing Guide - Hot Spots by IFW 

Trapping Law Book

                           How To Avoid Incidental Take of A Lynx

                           New Design Requirements For Lynx Exclusion Devices

Boating Law Book

                  Free Online Boating Safety Course...Great for learning Boating!

                           US Coast Guard Boating Safety

                           IFW Safety Tips Page

ATV & Snowmobile Law Book

                           Know your trail markers

                           Over Sized ATV LAWS

Mammals of Maine

IFW Mammals Page with Links to animals.

Fishes of Maine

Fishes OF Maine E-Book

Birds of Maine

IFW Birds of Maine page with links

Maine Forestry - TREES

Maine Trees PDF