Our Wild Game Sauce Is Simply Delicious!

The Attic Lodge “Game Sauce” Is finally here!!!

This is absolutely the best marinate for any meat! Just pour this into a zip-lock bag with just enough to coat your favorite wild game or domestic meats and then let stand in fridge for 6-24 hours.... Then cook it on your grill or cast skillet to desired doneness!

The flavor is incredible… We’ve already tested it on bear, moose, venison and beef .. It makes some very tasty tips and steaks!

Even those who "say" they don't like wild meats...will love this marinate...It's that good! 

If you like marinated steak tips… wait until you try this! 

Also available to purchase at the Attic Lodge for our Guests to take home!

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We ship (3) three 18 oz glass bottles by USPS using Priority Mail!

Each order includes 3 Bottles Of Game Sauce

$30.00 + S&H

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